Terms and Conditions



  1. 1. Customers are required to register for a wholesale account at www.reeffishwholesalers.com in order to view prices and place orders with us. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. 2. Orders are to be made via our website www.reeffishwholesalers.com. If you are unable to order via the website due to unforeseen circumstances, email your order to sales@reeffishwholesalers.com. We will manually create your invoice and email it to you.
  3. 3. You will receive an order confirmation invoice via email upon checkout. 
  4. 4. We may amend your invoice if any items go out of stock and send you the updated invoice.
  5. 4. Pay for your order by Direct Deposit or Cheque. Refer to Payment Policy for details 
  6. 4. Once we receive your payment remittance, we will advise your pickup booking OR scheduled delivery date via email. Refer our Delivery Procedure and Warehouse Pickup Procedure for details.

NOTE: Under no circumstances can you or your representative(s) visit our warehouse to inspect stock or to pick up stock without a pickup booking or outside the pickup booking slot. If you have any questions regarding our procedure, please contact sales@reeffishwholesalers.com or call Nick 0406 860 678. 



Direct Deposit payment is to be made to our account:

BSB 112-879
Account Number 451 433 518
Payment Terms COD Direct Deposit 

Immediately after payment, please send payment remittance to sales@reeffishwholesalers.com quoting your business name and order/invoice number as reference.

Note: As per new Management policy, we no longer accept cash payments and do not accept responsibility or honour cash paid to directly to anyone in the company (Staff or Directors).

Cheques: are to be made in the name “Reef Fish Wholesalers Pty Ltd” and take 1-3 days to clear.



Orders will not be processed until all previous invoices are settled. 



We are pleased to offer the following Customer discount tiers, applicable to each order* made via our website:

$1,500 - $2,499 5% OFF ORDER 
$2,500 - $3,500 10% OFF ORDER 


  • 1. Order amount (subtotal) excludes GST, shipping, packing or other charges applicable to the order.
  • 2. To receive the above discounts, payment must be made by Direct Deposit on order confirmation, before despatch or pickup.

Please contact us at sales@reeffishwholesalers.com if you expect to make consistent large orders and are interested in applying for higher discount tiers. We would be happy to accommodate such requests.



Order deliveries can be arranged during business hours to the business address listed in your Customer Account.

Delivery Date: Enter your preferred delivery date to the Order Comments on the checkout page. Delivery charges will be added to your order as applicable

Next Day Delivery: If you require next-business day delivery, orders need to be confirmed before 12pm.

Notification: After you receive order confirmation, we will notify you of the scheduled delivery date via email.

Delivery Signoff: When you receive your order, you will be required to verify its contents and sign off.



As a Customer, you or your representative are responsible for picking up your order or receiving the contents of your delivery. As per our Delivery and Pickup procedures, you or your authorised representative are responsible for verifying the contents of your order on pickup or when your order is delivered to your business address.

Our Livestock Death Policy is outlined below:

Pickup: All livestock is to be inspected carefully and any deaths or discrepancies must be reported to our staff before leaving our premises. We will directly swap any stock which is not to your satisfaction. 

You will be required to verify the contents of your order and sign your packing slip before leaving our premises. Your signature signifies acceptance that your order is complete and is free of discrepancies and/or dead livestock.

We will not honour any claim after your order leaves our premises.

Delivery: On receipt of delivery of your order, all livestock are to be carefully inspected and any deaths of discrepancies must be reported to the delivery driver and to Reef Fish Wholesalers Pty Ltd immediately, within 1 hour that you received the delivery.

  • 1. If something in your order arrives dead, it must be reported to sales@reeffishwholesalers.com within 1 hour of delivery receipt.
  • 2. To this email, you are required to attach at least two clear photos of the deceased stock within its shipping bag unopened. 
  • 3. Following investigation, at our discretion, we may apply store credit to your account. 


  • We will not accept claims which are due to Courier or Airline delays. 
  • Your claim will not be processed unless clear photos of the fish are sent via email within 1 hour of delivery receipt,  in the UNOPENED shipping bag.
  • If store credit for a DOA claim is granted, you will be able to view credit upon logging into your online account. It can be used for payment of subsequent orders.



Pickups for confirmed orders are scheduled within a 2-hour time-slot Monday-Friday, at the Reef Fish Wholesalers Warehouse:

Building 11, 38 Powers Rd.
Seven Hills NSW 2147


Please follow the following rules in regards to order pickup:

1. Upon checkout, you will receive your order confirmation via email. Orders must be paid by Direct Deposit or Cheque.

2. Once we receive your payment remittance, you will receive your pickup booking via email.

3. Attend your scheduled pickup time. Bring a printout of your pickup booking and order confirmation. Or, have a copy of it on your mobile to present to our staff at reception when you attend your pickup.

4. You will be required to verify the contents of your order and sign your packing slip before leaving our premises. Your signature signifies acceptance that your order is complete and is free of discrepancies and/or dead livestock.

Pickup Booking Cancellation: If you are unable to attend your scheduled time, email sales@reeffishwholesalers.com ASAP and we will reschedule your pickup to the next day or another available date.


NOTE: Under no circumstances are Customers or their authorised representatives permitted to visit our warehouse to purchase stock without an order confirmation and pickup booking, or visit outside their pickup timeslot.

If you have any questions regarding our procedure, please email sales@reeffishwholesalers.com or call Nick 0406 860 678.



  • There is no public access to our facility. Only approved wholesale account holders with a pickup booking will be permitted entry to our premises.
  • At this time, we do not permit stock inspections. Customers and/or their representatives are not permitted to visit our warehouse and purchase stock.
  • At this time, we do not permit tours of our facility