Our Livestock

Our purpose built facility utilizes cutting-edge technology, allowing us to accommodate a large selection of premium ornamental marine and freshwater aquarium fish.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and range of livestock that we are able to supply to pet and aquarium retailers across Australia. 

Our Sydney facility contains one of Australia's largest, most comprehensive range of freshwater and aquarium fish on offer, with new shipments arriving weekly.


Working with Retailers for Sustained Growth

Our years of experience working within the aquarium retail industry enables us to tailor stock selections which are guaranteed to entice your Customers and keep them coming back to your store for more. We excel at merchandising and will offer you tailored stock selections which aim to drive in-store purchases and deliver continuous sales growth.

We understand retail and as part of our offering will advise the right strategy to get the most out of our livestock offering. We understand the combination of factors that contribute to a store's success, such as complimentary stock selections,evolving trends, retailer and category dynamics, geography, seasonality and other market factors.    

We pride ourselves in providing training and support for our Retailers and their Customers and aim to grow our resources offering including online content, videos, articles, Live Fish Care Sheets and Reef Fish Wholesaler Group Training sessions.  

Continuous advances in technology within the aquarium industry has made fishkeeping easier than ever. For instance, the use of "Smart" tank technology is at every end-user's fingertips, from pH and tank parameter monitoring systems to Aquarium LED control.  

Notably, there have been significant improvements and Research and Development globally in aquarium design, with manufacturers and private Custom Built Aquarium companies offering unique features that minimize the stress of tank maintenance, automation of water changes and smart and energy efficient features which result on low running costs. Aquarium equipment such as LED Lighting and Filtration equipment are precision engineered, utilizing optimal energy efficiency. The range of Water Conditioners, Supplements and other marine and aquascaping products have also dramatically improved over the years, allowing the aquarist to achieve superior water clarity, grow vibrant coral and create mesmerizing Planted Aquascapes. 

Reef Fish Wholesalers supports this trend of the streamlining of fish-keeping and we are committed to fulfilling the needs of the growing demand for quality aquarium fish in Australia. 

Our Stock Selection

We source our stock from reputed suppliers from all across the world, including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maldives, Indonesia, Phillipines, Brazil, Africa, Fiji, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Solomon Islands, Mauritus, Red Sea and more. 

We also support domestic breeders of ornamental fish and believe they play an important role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of ornamental fishkeeping. 

Our stock is replenished weekly, with new stock readily added to our website. Our Customers are constantly notified via email of New arrivals and accordingly, they can go ahead and make an order online without delay.
As soon as we receive payment confirmation, your livestock will be picked and bagged, ready for you to pickup at our Seven Hills Sydney pickup point, or scheduled for next-day delivery.   

The sustainability of ornamental marine fish is important to us. We work with our international suppliers to ensure that our fish are caught in an ethical and sustainable manner. We work closely with them to ensure that they adhere to strict eco-friendly and animal welfare protocols and that livestock are only net-caught.  

We are highly experienced in delivering livestock. We use the best carriers and logistics teams in the business to ship Live Fish to all states in Australia in the quickest and safest way possible.  

We pride ourselves on on the health of our livestock and the high standard of packaging & delivery services we offer to our Customers. 

All live fish are carefully bagged in quality fish bags with medical-grade Oxygen.  They are then packed carefully in insulated, damage-resistant foam boxes. We use special heat packs during Winter months to ensure the fish have a consistent temperature and are comfortable.